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Oh boy. I really am bad at this updating thing, huh? I guess it's… - KTK in Europe [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
My Study Abroad Adventure

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[Mar. 30th, 2006|05:02 pm]
My Study Abroad Adventure


Oh boy.

I really am bad at this updating thing, huh?

I guess it's because all of our homework is due soon...three research papers in two weeks! Now that's a true college experience. I don't think you should be allowed to have true college experiences while you're studying abroad...but our faculty seems to, so you know. 

If I were a good person, I'd be really cool and post pictures and stories from Paris right on here for you all to see...but instead, I'm just going to give you a link to click, because I've already uploaded them to facebook.  So here you go: click this.

And that's Paris.  

What's coming up?

Well, those three research papers for one.  
Costume Ball on Friday - some friends and I are going as the four seasons of the year (I'm fall.)
Sunday I'm taking a nature walk, which should be fun - spring has finally gotten here, which makes life a lot more encouraging.
Wednesday night is our Meet-a-Family reception, a sort of end-of-the-semester celebration where all the families come to the manor and we put on a concert for them.
Next weekend I'm going Brussels on Thursday and Friday, and then Saturday our meet-a-mom, Geraldine, is taking us to see John Wesley's birthplace.
Then there's just one more week of class and finals to get through before the semester is all over!

That makes it seem really short...

I'm off to write a paper or two - or at least think about it =)  Later!


From: bai98_
2006-03-31 04:44 am (UTC)
yay for john wesley's birthplace. i go to indiana wesleyan, so i had to say that...
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